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25nd Aug ’13 Added a link to Moira Festival a track from our booking there last Saturday.

30th June ’13 Midsummer Music Train 2013 Posted on June 30th, 2013, by The Chairman Mike Ross writes : music train 30th June ’13

Last Wednesday night we had a full carriage for this year’s Midsummer Music Train.

We had fine weather and clear skies as we rolled through the countryside. Nelson Peach gave a virtuoso performance as they played and sang a wide range of folk and pop songs. Highlights were ‘McIntyre’ and a collection of jigs and reels played on the fiddle (even the signature tunes for Dr Finlay’s Casebook and The Archers crept in) -- plus a group performance of ‘Dirty Old Town’ by the whole carriage as we left Mouldsworth on the way back to Chester. In the Golden Pheasant, without competition from Pacer engine noise, there was a fine set finishing with ‘Waterloo Sunset’, ‘Morningtown Ride’ and ‘Those Were the Days’. Many thanks to Nelson Peach in particular for an excellent evening, the train conductors and the staff at the Golden Pheasant. Come and join us for one of our 2013 Music Trains, if you can.

22nd Apr ’13 Added a link to Bollinton Folk club where there are four audio tracks from our booking there last friday
24th Oct ’12 Our ‘Jack Frightenem’ CD has had a good review in fRoots Magazine See here for review clip
3rd May 2012Successful CD Launch at Lymm Rugby club ‘Jack Frightenem’ thanks to all concerned :)
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