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Mon,16/Jan/1710:00:0002:00:00SunflowersSt Cross
Thu,19/Jan/1718:00:0004:00:00X-partyDunham builders and Rangers
Wed,25/Jan/1710:00:0006:00:00Water AnalysisMarthall hall, Sandlebridge lane wa167sb
Thu,26/Jan/1708:30:0002:00:00Dr. AllreadSt Johns..
Mon,30/Jan/1714:00:0001:30:00FinanceAnne P
Sat,4/Feb/1716:00:0003:00:00Private Booking: Dunham Massey WassailMeet 15:45 for 16:00 start. The address is [Boundary Farm, Sawpit Street, Dunham Massey WA14 5SJ]. Note we are limited to 20 dancers and musicians, so no family and friends please.
Tue,7/Feb/1711:00:0001:00:00DoctorDr Mottram St. Johns
Mon,20/Feb/1710:00:0002:00:00SunflowerSt Cross
Wed,22/Feb/1715:00:0004:00:00Salford (Hope) 16:20[M6 8HD] Stott Lane, Salford
Sat,25/Feb/1710:00:0004:00:00FertiliserAnne P moving fertiliser from Sharston
Sat,4/Mar/1719:30:0004:00:00Joules Birthday bashDance out ?? Morley green social club. Postcode [SK9 5NT]
Mon,6/Mar/1710:00:0002:00:00pracfor ceilidh with JJ
Thu,9/Mar/1708:30:0001:00:00WarburtonsService / MOT
Sat,11/Mar/1718:00:0005:00:00GigNeezzupp Ceilidh_for Urmston Sports Club at Urmston Grammar School. Email for tickets m.dockery@talktalk.net
Mon,20/Mar/1713:30:0001:00:00otherMeeting with Helen Roberts from Alty Baptists
Tue,21/Mar/1709:00:0002:00:00Councilling 9:1540 Manor Rd.
Wed,22/Mar/1714:00:0002:00:00pracwith JJ for train
Sun,26/Mar/1719:00:0003:00:00pracNP for 6th April
Tue,28/Mar/1710:00:0002:00:00Councilling9:50 to fill in any paperwork..
Tue,28/Mar/1719:00:0003:00:00pracNP - usual practice time for 6th April
Wed,29/Mar/1710:00:0002:00:00St JohnsDr Mottram. (10:20)
Wed,29/Mar/1714:30:0004:00:00pracNP for 6th April
Thu,30/Mar/1713:00:0001:00:00CouncellingStamford park
Sat,1/Apr/1714:30:0005:00:00pracIf poss 2 - 3 pm start NP prac for 6th April
Sat,1/Apr/1714:00:0001:00:00Morris Minors PracticeCommunity Room Tesco's Altrincham. We have the room from 13:30, 14:00 start. [WA15 9QT]
Tue,4/Apr/1714:00:0004:00:00pracfor April 6th Lymm
Thu,6/Apr/1718:30:0005:00:00GigLymm Folk Club_~http://www.lymmfolkclub.org.uk/
Fri,14/Apr/1710:00:0001:00:00otherService in Timperley Village
Sun,23/Apr/1712:00:0003:00:00St Georges DayDance out with Thelwall Morris. Proposal is dance at Costello's in Altrincham. Then an invite to Fred's.
Wed,26/Apr/1707:00:0006:00:00AngiogramSalford Royal
Sat,29/Apr/1710:00:0012:00:00Todmorden Folk FestivalConfirmed, but we are only dancing on Saturday. The dance programme will run approx 11-4pm.
Mon,1/May/1720:00:0002:00:00Rope and Anchor Dunham MasseyMay day dance out at Rope and anchor. [WA14 5RP]
Thu,4/May/1713:00:0001:00:00TherapyStamford Pk.
Sat,6/May/1714:00:0001:00:00Morris Minors PracticeTesco have confirmed we can have the room 1st Saturday instead of 2nd Saturday. 2nd Saturday we are at Dunham Rose Queen
Sun,7/May/1710:00:0003:00:00-??-Abbey Leys Market
Fri,12/May/1708:00:0004:00:00BookingFrodsham Folk Club_~http://www.frodshamfolkclub.co.uk/dates.html
Sat,13/May/1712:45:0003:00:00Dunham Massey Rose QueenConfirmed. Meet at 12:45 Procession leaves hall at 13:00. Postcode is [WA14 4SJ] we will have some car park passes for those not NT members. Morris Minors are dancing.
Sat,20/May/1714:00:0002:00:00Cransley School School Fair[Belmont Hall Belmont Lane, Northwich CW9 6HN]. Meet at 14:30 to dance at 14:45.
Wed,7/Jun/1718:00:0003:00:00PartyHall Garden
Thu,8/Jun/1719:00:0003:00:00pracwith JJ for Chester Train
Sat,10/Jun/1714:00:0001:00:00Morris Minors PracticeCommunity Room Tesco's Altrincham [WA15 9QT]
Mon,12/Jun/1714:00:0002:00:00pracwith JJ for train
Wed,14/Jun/1718:00:0005:00:00GigChester Music Train_Chester to Plumley Music Train~http://www.midcheshirerail.org.uk/news/mid-cheshire-line-music-trains-362/ Train leaves Chester 19.04
Thu,15/Jun/1709:00:0001:30:00GPMonitor appointment
Sat,17/Jun/1709:00:0008:00:00Rail & Dance from Chester to AltrinchamSee PDF of programme for the day and some photos on the website (documents 2017)
Fri,23/Jun/1719:00:0005:00:00GigBollington Folk Club_~https://sites.google.com/site/bollingtonfolkclub/home
Sat,24/Jun/1719:00:0004:00:00Summer Solstice CeilidhTo celebrate 40 years we are having a ceilidh at the Summer Solstice. Hall booked at [Victory Hall Mobberley Cheshire WA16 7JQ]
Sat,24/Jun/1718:00:0001:00:00Meet and Greet ex Bollin membersPlease indicate your availability to Janet on here, if you are able to come early to greet our guests, before the ceilidh from 6pm.
Sat,1/Jul/1714:00:0001:00:00Morris Minors PracticeJuly Morris Minors Practice will be 1st Saturday so we are free for Oldfield Brow School on 8th July.
Sat,1/Jul/1715:00:0001:00:00Morris Minors at Rope and AnchorThe Rope and Anchor Dunham Massey are having a Garden Party to raise Money for Parkinson disease. The adults are welcome to come as well if they like. http://www.theropeandanchor.co.uk/whats-on/?month=July [WA14 5RP]
Sun,2/Jul/1711:00:0006:00:00Cleckheaton Folk FestivalConfirmed. It's is their 30th Anniversary event. It is just over the border into yorkshire, 1 mile from J26 off the M62.
Wed,5/Jul/1714:00:0004:00:003:40 PM appointmentSalford Royal
Thu,6/Jul/1715:00:0002:00:00DentistTooth out..
Sat,8/Jul/1711:00:0005:00:00Folk TrainHathersage Folk Train_CANCELLED DUE TO RAIL STRIKE
Sat,8/Jul/1712:30:0002:00:00Oldfield Brow Primary SchoolWe have 2 dance spots this year at 12:30 and 13:30. postcode is [WA14 4LE]
Sat,8/Jul/1720:00:0003:00:00Fred's summer barbecueFrom 8pm: Please confirm that you plan to come so that the coals etc. can be prepared and the bread rolls matured. You are welcome to bring your personal gourmet preference of food and beverages although a basic selection shall be provided by the host if you are happy to take pot luck. Freddy Lx, 0161 941 1716, freddydonline@googlemail.com [12 Hickton Drive, Altrincham, WA14 4LZ]
Mon,10/Jul/1718:00:0005:00:00GigChester Music Train (private booking)
Mon,10/Jul/1720:00:0002:00:00Confirmed dance out at Horseshoe CroftPostcode is: [WA3 7HQ]
Wed,12/Jul/1720:00:0002:00:00Confirmed: Danceout with RingheyeThorn Inn, Appleton. [WA4 4QX]
Mon,17/Jul/1708:00:0002:00:00pracCeilidh prac with JJ
Sat,22/Jul/1718:00:0004:00:00GigNeezzupp Ceilidh_Dunham Massey Village Hall - Private Function
Sat,22/Jul/1716:45:0001:00:00Private BookingConfirmed: Invite to dance at a wedding in Dunham Massey. Pat is friends with the brides mother. Dance spot is 17:00, we are invited to the evening ceilidh. [WA14 5SE]
Tue,25/Jul/1720:00:0002:00:00Confirmed: Green Dragon Heatley, LymmInvite from Earl of Stamfords to dance with them. [WA13 9SB]
Fri,11/Aug/1710:30:0002:00:00pracceilidh prac with Pete Wood
Sat,12/Aug/1714:00:0001:00:00Morris Minors PracticeCommunity Room Tesco's Altrincham WA15 9QT
Sat,19/Aug/1712:00:0005:00:00Moira Furnace Folk FestivalConfirmed
Sun,20/Aug/1712:00:0005:00:00Moira Furnace Folk FestivalConfirmed
Sat,26/Aug/1708:00:0001:00:00GigNeezzupp Ceilidh_in Preston - Private Function
Sun,27/Aug/1712:00:0003:00:00Confirmed: Tatton Country fair weekendTwo dance slots 12:30 and 14:00 same as 2016. Morris Minors will be dancing as well
Sat,2/Sep/1718:00:0005:00:00GigNeezzupp Ceilidh_in Knutsford - Private Function
Sat,2/Sep/1714:00:0001:00:00Morris Minors PracticeCommunity Room Tesco's Altrincham WA15 9QT
Sat,9/Sep/1713:30:0001:00:00St Pauls Sale Heritage DayConfirmed: Dance at 13:30. Postcode is [M33 7XS] Morris Minors will dance as well
Sat,9/Sep/1711:30:0001:00:00Timperley FayreOne dance slot confirmed at 11:30. Morris Minors will dance as well.
Sat,23/Sep/1710:00:0006:00:00Fidlers Fancy 40th BirthdayConfirmed. They are planning a day of dance in and around Stockport with a ceilidh in the evening.
Sun,24/Sep/1710:00:0002:00:00Trinity Les&SelfFront door
Fri,13/Oct/1718:00:0005:00:00GigNeezzupp Ceilidh_Tatton Hall - Private Function
Sat,14/Oct/1718:00:0005:00:00GigNeezzupp Ceilidh_in Runcorn - Private Function
Sat,14/Oct/1714:00:0001:00:00Morris Minors PracticeCommunity Room Tesco's Altrincham WA15 9QT
Tue,17/Oct/1718:00:0001:00:00Lymm Beavers GroupTo teach the Lymm Beavers group a couple of dances. Lymm Methodist Church, Eagle Brow [WA13 0LP]
Sat,21/Oct/1718:00:0005:00:00GigNeezzupp Ceilidh_at Urmston Grammar School - Private Function
Mon,30/Oct/1710:00:0002:00:00pracfir train with JJ
Tue,31/Oct/1718:00:0005:00:00Singer'sVisit to Magull Folk Club
Thu,2/Nov/1710:00:0006:00:00GigChester Music Train_Private Function
Mon,6/Nov/1710:30:0002:00:00DoctorMinor surgery
Fri,10/Nov/1719:00:0002:00:00-??-Holy Cross - sing for yr supper R & L
Sat,11/Nov/1714:00:0001:00:00Morris Minors PracticeCommunity Room Tesco's Altrincham WA15 9QT
Mon,13/Nov/1720:00:0002:00:008pm start: AGM at Spread EagleAll agenda items e mailed to Ian by 6th November please
Thu,16/Nov/1710:00:0006:00:00PAT testCourse at Dunham Hall
Sat,2/Dec/1714:00:0002:00:00X-treeChristmas Tree Festival at High Legh Parish Church 2pm - 3pm
Sat,9/Dec/1713:00:0003:00:00Lymm DickensianMeet at 13:00 for the procession to leave at 13:30..Morris Minors will dance as well.
Wed,13/Dec/1717:00:0002:00:00-??-Carols at the Crossroads - Timperley Village
Sat,16/Dec/1710:30:0002:00:00Memory Cafe Christmas PartyIt will be usual format, meet at 10:15 to Dance at 10:30. Please be aware that it is Ringheye Christmas Day of dance at the bird in hand on Sunday 17th.
Sun,17/Dec/1712:00:0003:00:00Ringheye Christmas Day of DanceConfirmed. The Bird In Hand, Newton Hall Lane, Knolls Green, Mobberley [WA16 7BW]
Mon,18/Dec/1719:00:0003:00:00Christmas Dinner 2017Spread Eagle have reserved this date for our Christmas Dinner.
Sun,24/Dec/1710:00:0002:00:00DoorDoor: Front Door
Tue,26/Dec/1712:00:0004:00:00Boxing Day TourWe haven't checked the Venues yet but here is the plan: 12:00 Rope and Anchor [WA14 5RP] 13:00 Vine [WA14 5RU] 14:00 Dunham Massey Hall [WA14 4SJ] 16:00 Spread Eagle Lymm [WA13 0AG] The Morris Minors are invited to the Vine and Dunham Massey.
Sat,20/Jan/1816:00:0002:00:00Private Booking: Dunham Massey WassailMeet 15:45 for 16:00 start. The address is [Boundary Farm, Sawpit Street, Dunham Massey WA14 5SJ]. Note we are limited to 20 dancers and musicians, so no family and friends please.
Wed,24/Jan/1819:00:0001:00:004th Altrincham St Margaretís BrowniesProvisional. Quick demo and teaching like we did for Lymm Beavers. 19:00 to 19:30, they finish at 19:45.
Sun,28/Jan/1810:00:0002:00:00DoorDoor: Rear Door
Sat,10/Mar/1810:00:0006:00:00Prov gigHathersage Folk TRain
Mon,23/Apr/1820:00:0002:00:00St Georges DayI assume we are going to Costello's in Altrincham again and will invite Thelwall.
Sat,28/Apr/1810:00:0006:00:00Amounderness Day of DanceInvite to Amounderness Day of Dance at Chorley, Lancashire. Provisional on enough dancers and musicians.
Sat,19/May/1812:30:0002:00:00Dunham Massey Rose QueenProvisional on Enough Dancers and Musicians. 2017 the parade started at 13:00. Morris Minors will in the procession and at the Village Hall.
Wed,27/Jun/1819:00:0003:00:00Prov GigHoly Cross Timperley MU
Sat,7/Jul/1811:00:0006:00:00Cleckheaton Folk Festival 2018Provisional on Enough Dancers and Musicians. The organisers have asked if the minors will come too.
Sun,8/Jul/1811:00:0005:00:00Cleckheaton Folk Festival 2018Provisional on enough Dancers and Musicians. The organisers have asked if the minors will come too.
Sat,14/Jul/1813:00:0002:00:00Oldfield Brow School FairProvisional on enough dancers and musicians.
Thu,26/Jul/1818:00:0005:00:00Prov gigGlossop Folk Train
Sat,18/Aug/1811:00:0006:00:00Moira 2018We have been verbally invited to Moira for 2018.
Sun,19/Aug/1811:00:0006:00:00Moira 2018We have been verbally invited to Moira for 2018.
Sun,26/Aug/1812:00:0004:00:00Reserved for Tatton Park country Fair2017 dance spots were 12:30 and 14:00
Sat,8/Sep/1813:30:0001:00:00St Pauls SaleProvisional on Enough Dancers and Musicians.
Sun,23/Sep/1814:00:0002:00:00Childrens Adventure Farm (2018)Provisional on enough dancers and Musicians, will confirm with them nearer the date.
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